As an empty nester herself, Amy realized the challenges women face at this stage in their lives. They have poured all of their energy, time and love into their children for 18+ years. When their children grow up and leave home, their absence leaves an unexplainable void. The moms feel a deep loneliness and often question their purpose.

Amy offers many valuable and positive solutions for empty nester moms both locally in the Boston area and virtually all across the country!

1) The Best Empty Nest Facebook Group: Our free gathering place on FB for all things empty nest!

2) The Empty Nester Connection: Our virtual Facebook community for connections with empty nester moms across the country. We offer several zooms each month to get to know each other and to learn topics of interest to all of us.

3) In Person Meet-Ups: Amy runs 2 in person meet up groups in the Boston and surrounding areas:

Empty Nester Moms:
This group is for empty nester moms who want to be part of a supportive community, participate in fun activities and enjoy their lives! This group will have monthly events including: dinners out, walks, movies, lunches etc

Wandering Women Travel Group:
Wandering Women ™ is a new travel group for women who want to explore, experience, connect and have FUN!
We’ll meet to brainstorm travel ideas and share new trip opportunities as they are planned! Join us to be a part of it all!