Providing your employees with skills and tools to live and work up to their potential is a crucial service that you as an employer can provide. With the unique challenges in today’s world, your staff needs structured support and guidance now more than ever. Because our home and work lives are more interwoven now than any other time in history, it’s important to provide employees with the skills and support they need to succeed both at work and at home!

Amy Goober, Action and Life Coach, provides the following services for companies (large or small) in person and virtually.

1) Lunch & Learn: Amy will lead your company in a variety of Lunch and Learn workshops that are 100% interactive and always engaging. Whether in person or virtually, these one-hour sessions will give your employees the tools and action steps they need to be motivated to tackle their upcoming tasks and become more connected to their fellow employees.

Topics Include:

– Unstoppable You: Claim Your Inner Worth
– Unstoppable You: Use Your Voice To Get What You Want
– What’s For Lunch?
– 5 Ways To Be Healthier Working From Home
– Team Work Makes The Dream Work

2) Women’s Workshop Series: Amy creates unique individual workshop topics and comprehensive series to help women assess where they are now (both professionally and personally), uncover the skills and traits they already have inside and learn the strategies and tactics to move forward with their most sought after goals. These workshops are delivered either in person or virtually and leave female employees feeling valued, prioritized and positive.

3) Meeting Consulting and Facilitation: Meeting planning requires advance strategizing and the right combination of focus and sensitivity.
Amy helps companies ensure that their meetings are productive and efficient while being creative and engaging. She has a special knack for ensuring that everyone is heard and that the meeting stays on track and on time.

Amy creates agendas that include the right topics and are goal-oriented

Last January, we had the pleasure of working with Amy Goober when she conducted North Shore Community Action Programs’ Board-Staff Retreat. I found her to be a good collaborator, who is positive, reliable, adaptable and delivers as promised.”

-Deric LePard, Director of  Planning, NSCAP