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I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I was an overweight teenager and now at 61 years old, as I look back there really wasn’t much time that I wasn’t either on or off a diet or trying to lose weight. In 2013, at 53 years old,  I was introduced to Optavia. Being in the midst of menopause and discovering that it was almost impossible to lose even a few pounds, I was beyond skeptical of the program. Fast forward one month and I was 10 pounds down, feeling great and actually hopeful that I could reach my goal weight and be able to maintain it. At that point, only one month along on the program, I decided to become an Optavia coach and pay it forward to friends and family who might also be looking for a weight loss and lifestyle solution.

In the 8 years that I have been fortunate enough to be an Optavia coach, I have helped over 600 clients on this program. In addition, I have supported close to 100 other coaches in helping their clients succeed as well building their own businesses. It has been an almost indescribable journey so far, and I am grateful for the program itself and the company’s philosophy toward its teams of coaches. Being fortunate enough to be trained and mentored by the company’s founder as also been a very special gift. The program is supported by 4 pillars. Clients receive a coach for support, the habits of health transformational system to educate, a multi-layered community to access and a simple proven system for weight loss that turns into a lifestyle.

Amy Goober Health Coaching

Average weight loss on the Optavia 5:1 plan is 12 pounds

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