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Have your children grown and flown? Do you suddenly have time on your calendar and space to fill in your life? Are you nearing retirement and wondering what’s next? Are you feeling like you could use some positive ideas for your newfound freedom and a community of like-minded women with the same challenges?

As you face this life transition, your home may not be filled, but your life certainly can be! Adjusting to big changes can be challenging, but it can also create an opportunity to make the most of what’s ahead. You personally can be fulfilled – and we have the answer!

Make the shift into a brighter and fuller life and join us for The Empty Nester Experience.

Our team of 6 experts will teach, inspire, and challenge you to build a colorful, complete, fun life as an empty nester. We are here to help you create a world where you look forward to what’s ahead!

Our program is the first of its kind, complete with:

✓ different topics focused on specific aspects of your life
✓ one hour zoom sessions with separate activities
✓ areas for growth and learning
✓ wonderful community of empty nesters

If you’re looking to build a life with more:


Our Experiences and Our Experts

Where are you headed? Discovering Where You Are and Where You Want To Be.
- Amy Goober, Life and Action Coach

Midlife Motivation - The 10 Best At Home Exercises For Women
- Cindy Sullivan, CPT, GFI, FAFS, SFS

"Cook Once, Enjoy Twice” - Debbie Brosnan, Chef and Virtual Cooking Class Instructor

“Creating Your Wanderlist —Where You Want To Travel and When”
- Lori Kashgegian, Travel Designer

“Living The Simplified Life – Rightsizing Your Nest “
- Eileen Reed, Organizing Coach

How to Dress Casually Without Looking Messy or Too Dressy
- Ginger Burr, Personal Image Consultant

What makes The Empty Nester Experience Different?

All of our sessions are live where you can meet, engage with and get to know other empty nester women.

#1) You will be in action during each session.

Each session is active and interactive – no more sitting still on a zoom call or scrolling through Facebook, answering emails or shopping on Amazon.

#2) Our experience will introduce you to new parts of yourself.

Each session will have you doing something new and interesting that is hands-on and might even push you out of your comfort zone.

#3) We create community.

All of our sessions are live where you can meet, engage with and get to know other women in our program.

#4) Our program is targeted.

All of our experts are in the empty-nester age range and offer specific sessions that will interest you as an empty nester. You’re not jumping on something that ‘might’ match up to your circumstances. This program will resonate with who you are, what you are feeling, and what you need now.

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Program Dates: Tuesday, February 1st through Tuesday,
March 8th, 7:00- 8:00 pm EST

The value of learning and growing from a different expert each week for 6 weeks is a $350+ value

But we are offering the FIRST 6-week session of The Empty Nester Experience for just $77! This is our first-time introductory offer, and it’s the perfect way for you to give us a try!

Join in for as many as you can, and you will receive a recording of each session as well.

Session Dates

February 1
February 8
February 15
February 22
March 1
March 8

Amy Goober
Cindy Sullivan
Debbie Brosnan
Lori Kashgegian
Eileen Reed
Ginger Burr

February 1
Amy Goober

February 8
Cindy Sullivan

February 15
Debbie Brosnan

February 22
Lori Kashgegian

March 1
Eileen Reed

March 8
Ginger Burr

6 Interactive Sessions You Don't Want To Miss:

AMY GOOBER – Where are you headed? Discovering Where You Are and Where You Want To Be

If you have spent many years raising your children, you probably also have poured love, time, effort and energy into them. You may have put other areas in your life on hold as well. In this engaging, interactive workshop, you will assess where you are now in key areas in your life, discover what your current priorities are, and create an action plan to move forward. With her unique process, Amy will lead the group and help individuals to chart a path to get into action.


CINDY SULLIVAN – Midlife Motivation – The 10 Best At Home Exercises For Women

Yes it’s true… exercise is the cornerstone of a happy and healthy life! It helps us stay strong or get stronger, improves our balance and endurance, helps us maintain our weight and bones, promotes greater heart, brain and emotional health, and reduces the risk of many diseases.
So why do we put it off? Well, for one thing, because we (have had a family to take care of and) are constantly putting ourselves last. Or we just don’t know where to start, or it’s plain old hard! I’m here to tell you it is YOUR TIME. If you are looking for a little midlife motivation, let’s start with this… The 10 best home exercises you can do right now to help get you started. It is my hope to empower you on your own personal journey to fitness, health and well being. You deserve it!

DEBBIE BROSNAN – Cook Once, Enjoy Twice

Have you ever made a meal and wondered what to do with the leftovers? I love leftovers, but sometimes the same meal over and over can be monotonous. In this class, we will cook a healthy simple recipe together which we will enjoy when we are done. During the class you will learn kitchen tips and tricks and you will come away with ideas about how to turn your leftovers into something a little different for the next day. More than a demo, we will be making dinner together! Come prepared to cook along with me! (ingredients list and the recipe will be sent prior to our session)

LORI KASHGEGIAN – What is your travel Wanderlist (aka travel bucket list)? 

Now that you are in this new phase of your life, it is a great time to start to think about and explore your travel dreams.  Wanderlist is an exclusive program that enables you to do just that! In this interactive session, travel designer Lori Kashgegian will guide you through the Wanderlist process.  It is ideal for those of you who want more opportunities to discover all of the possibilities of different types of travel and unique destinations.  Dreams begin the journey from fleeting inspiration to real travel bookings.  Lori will demonstrate how you can use this program to capture your travel dreams on paper and in a way that you can share with your friends and family. It is a great way to plan your near and future travels financially and within a timeline that works for you.  Filled with inspiring curated experiences, hotels, voyages, and destinations, Wanderlist lets you share your preferences with your travel advisor to make your dreams into reality!

 Lori is excited to share this exercise and inspire you!!

EILEEN REED – Learn Proven Strategies to Rightsize

The one thing that is constant is change… we adapt to that change is key.  When our work raising our children reaches its end, and they fly the nest, we often look around and realize the daunting amount of stuff that we’ve acquired and accumulated over the years.  It can make us feel weighed down, overwhelmed and stuck.
Together in this interactive session we will:
Consider the impacts of clutter in every part of your life (there’s WAY more than you think!)
Explore our belief systems around what’s “enough”.
Work on viewing stuff, memories, sentimental attachments, more vs less….all through a different lens.
Learn proven strategies you can use to rightsized & simplify your life.
Create a Plan of Action to move you towards accomplishing your goals.
Come prepared to discover how much joy, abundance & ease comes from the simple act of rightsizing.

GINGER BURR – How to Dress Casually Without Looking Messy or Too Dressy

With any major lifestyle change it’s easy to feel out of sorts or like your wardrobe no longer fits your needs and few things are as life-altering as being a new empty-nester. How many times have you stood before a closet full of clothes with no idea what to wear? You start to pull together an outfit, but can’t finish. You either feel too dressed up or thrown together and neither makes you feel fabulous! Defeated before you’ve even started your day, you end up putting on the same thing you always wear. Ginger Burr of Total Image Consultants to the rescue! She’ll share tried and true guidelines for assessing the clothes in your closet so you can begin to create a wardrobe that fits your needs and makes you excited to get dressed. Ginger can show you step-by-step tips to help you tame your wardrobe so you can dress casually without feeling messy or too dressy! You are invited to bring or wear something you just can’t part with but never wear or don’t feel good wearing so can apply the tips and ask questions.


Amy Goober


Amy Goober’s newest venture Drive Your Life ™ helps women put themselves back on the To Do List and get into action. Drive Your Life ™ is a series of dynamic talks and workshops, a focused small group coaching program, vibrant Facebook group and soon to be published book. Amy’s program supports women to get into the driver’s seat of their own lives using a unique 5 step process to start moving forward. With this program, women are finding success in so many areas including career, health and wellness, love relationships, parenting, and finding purpose.

Amy received her B.S. in psychology from Cornell University. She opened The Icing on the Cake, a Boston cake bakery, at 26 in 1986. She has since sold it, but it continues to be one of the top bakeries in the Boston area.
As a health coach, Amy has helped over 700 clients in her 8 years of health and wellness coaching. Amy has moved from bakery founder to stay at home Mom, seasoned health coach, and now founder of Drive Your Life ™. She speaks on leadership, health and wellness and personal motivation topics.

You can learn more about Amy and her upcoming retreat offering at:


If you are sick and tired for standing still and you need direction, Amy is going to give you tools, motivation and a step by step guide not only of what you want to do but you are capable of doing and what really is deep down inside you.I can’t say enough about Amy and how incredible she is. She puts you first and treats everyone with so much respect.

– Andi Tassinari

Cindy Sullivan


Cindy Sullivan is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor specializing in Midlife & Senior Fitness. Additionally, Cindy holds advanced certifications from the Functional Aging Institute, the American Council on Exercise and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. Cindy’s goal is to help her clients get in their best shape and feel great, regardless of their age, size, ability or fitness level. Her primary classes focus on the total body with an emphasis on building endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. To learn more about Cindy and her classes visit


“Highest Quality Sessions and Exercises”
“I first began working with Cindy in an exercise class and was immediately impressed with the high quality of the sessions and their full range of exercises. I saw her remarkable ability to direct and motivate the whole class and at the same time identify a specific member’s weakness and help with it. She does all this with tact and humor. Cindy constructs the classes so that they are different each session and while the workouts are intense, they are actually fun.
After many classes, I decided that full session personal attention would be even more helpful for me so I began personal training sessions and the results have been very gratifying. I can see my own progress in ways I never imagined. And the special bonus is Cindy’s personality which I would call lovely, light, and fun.”

– Carolina Kiggins, Beacon Hill

Debbie Brosnan


Debbie Brosnan is a personal chef turned virtual cooking class instructor. She started The Effortless Kitchen in 2019 making dinners in her client’s homes and transitioned to virtual due to Covid. Debbie is a passionate self-taught home cook who began her journey cooking alongside her mother and grandmother as a young child. Her focus is on healthy food that tastes amazing using simple recipes so that those who take her classes will continue to make those dishes and others in their own kitchens. The Effortless Kitchen offers weekly classes, custom parties and corporate events and all are interactive and fun. By popular demand, recorded classes are now being offered for those who can’t make the live classes and want to cook on their own time. Debbie is thrilled with the shift in her business as she can reach more people and share her gift with everyone. In 2022, Debbie will be adding on culinary travel as an offering for those who have the travel bug. Details are on


We have consistently taken classes with The Effortless Kitchen since Debbie started teaching online classes. We have enjoyed the classes so much and love attending them with people from around the country and have even created friendships as a result. Even better, the recipes are AMAZING!!! We have learned to cook and appreciate new food and spices as well as cooking techniques. The recipes are easy to follow and clear in terms of ingredients and kitchen tools needed to prepare each meal. We love the recipes so much, we have created our own cookbook full of them and often serve one of her recipes when friends and family visit. We strongly suggest signing up for a few of her classes; the outcome is delicious and the experience fun!!

– Molly K., CA

Lori Kashgegian


Lori Kashgegian has been an independent Travel Advisor and owner of Trips Your Way, LLC since 2017.

She is affiliated and has trained with Largay Travel and is a member of Virtuoso, the exclusive, by invitation only,  global luxury travel consortium. Lori has partnerships with tour operators, cruise lines, hotels, etc around the world through which she can offer her clients bespoke experiences at a very local and authentic level, connecting with the people of the area. She works with both group and individual travel.

Lori prides herself on providing highly customized, unique, and transformational travel based on her client’s interests, needs, style, budget etc. No two trips are the same as she is not interested in the cookie-cutter approach to travel.  In addition to these customized trips, Lori also can suggest and book resorts & hotels with the ability to offer additional amenities that add much value and VIP status for her clients.  She travels frequently to learn more about destinations so she can recommend to clients from first-hand knowledge as much as possible.Her goal is to impart her passion for authentic, experiential, life-changing travel to her clients. When asked if she is an expert in a specific destination, her mantra is “I am an expert in my clients”.  


Lori planned our trip to Greece in October 2021, and it was the trip of a lifetime. Her reservations at 5 star lodging to catamaran cruises, e-bike tours, cooking classes, and reservations at top dining spots….. She planned it all perfectly. We have never used a travel advisor before and we have been on many trips. The biggest difference was how everything was planned on a daily basis, with pick ups and the opportunity for exploration that I would never do on my own. The village dinner and dancing was our favorite excursion that enabled us to embed with the Greek culture. We would have never done that without Lori’s amazing planning prowess. Thank you Lori for our favorite vacation ever!

Eileen Kelly Reed


Eileen Kelly Reed is an Organizing and Productivity Coach, sought after Speaker and creator of Simplify with Eileen, LLC.  After 25 successful years in Business Development & Training, Eileen chose to walk away from a 6-figure career to turn her passion into her profession….and she’s never looked back.
Eileen’s work centers around coaching small business & individual clients; and sharing her message from the stage; where she guides, inspires and empowers others with the tools & strategies to embrace a life of more simplicity and ease – an intentional life with “just enough”.  
Eileen’s mantra is   “Simplify. Organize. Thrive.”


Let me just say that meeting Eileen and working with her during the past couple of years has been a great experience. She is a wonderful person who worked with me shoulder to shoulder to organize and “cleanse” my home. I had 30 years of “stuff” to deal with. I consider myself a fairly neat person, but things just got ahead of me.
I had lost my husband of 25 years and felt overwhelmed with everything. My girls had graduated high school & college and had left most everything behind as they moved forward. I had garages, sheds, closets, and rooms filled with things I just didn’t need that other people could benefit from. Eileen helped me every step of the way to donate, eliminate or organize. It was the best feeling and it really helped me emotionally.

– Janet D., Stoneham MA

Ginger Burr


Creating a wardrobe and personal style you love begins with a longing for ease and beauty (your definition of beauty) every time you get dressed. Ginger Burr founded Total Image Consultants with the heartfelt belief that whether you are 25 or 85, you deserve to feel radiant and pulled-together every time you get dressed. Her work has reached women from all walks of life who long to connect with their inner essence to create a wardrobe they love. She is the author of the book, That’s So You! She is the author of the book: That’s So You: Create A Look You Love With Beauty, Style and Grace. Ginger has been interviewed by Allure Magazine, Worth Magazine, Forbes Magazine and Bloomberg Business Week.


“So great to get dressed with a sense of peace, pleasure and play instead of dread, disappointment and despair”

— Peggy Rosen

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