Drive Your Life™

What if you could gain massive momentum forward in your most longed-for goal…in just 12 weeks?

Learn my repeatable, reliable (fail-proof), proprietary process for achieving massive breakthrough progress in any area of your life…


Without relying on expensive coaches or months of masterminds.


Sounds Impossible? It’s not (here’s why)…

Ever feel like you’ve run out of gas on the highway of life?

There you are driving along the highway with everyone else (maybe even going a little bit faster than everyone else if you’re being honest)….
And then WHAM…life happens (marriage, kids, job changes, aging parents)
And suddenly you’ve plum run out of gas.
So you putter off to the side of the road. And you’re officially out of the race.
Now what?
WHOOOSH—another car whizzes by…..
If you’re like so many of my clients…
You end up stuck there for quite a while….years even.
Stuck, immobilized, and overwhelmed with problems and ideas….
But you’re not sure how to get going again.
Sound like you?

Does this feel all too familiar?
You’re feeling paralyzed and indecisive because you have

• too many to-dos–laundry, dinner prep, kid duties, not to mention managing all the emotional hurdles that come with your life today
• too many unrealistic goals- lose 20 pounds, meal plan every single day for a month, start a $100,000 business, find your purpose in life, and accomplish perfect family-work-personal life balance.
• and too many humans asking you “what’s for dinner?”

Those things that used to bring you joy and pleasure?
They’ve been forgotten.

• your Peleton™ bike is gathering dust
• you have a bajillion craft supplies and Pinterest ideas but zip-zero finished creations
• and your garden is growing weeds
Your life’s purpose? You’re not really sure anymore. (Can catching up on your favorite Netflix series count?)
You want to make progress in areas of your life (ok, a lot of areas in your life) but you’re overwhelmed by so many goals and priorities it’s hard to stick to one thing or another.
Besides….it isn’t that you haven’t tried to set goals and make changes in your life…
It’s just that…you think… “I don’t have enough willpower or discipline.”
Here’s the thing that no one is talking about.
I’ll call it…

The Goal-Setting Grid Lock.

You need confidence and optimism to achieve  your goals…
But you need to achieve goals successfully in order to gain confidence and optimism.
Here comes the traffic slowdown….
You set a goal…or 5…(usually something big and unrealistic) and then you don’t equip yourself with the tools and support you need to reach it.
Whoops, you didn’t lose the 10 pounds.
Or start your business.
Or figure out the secret to time balance.

Defeat sets in.

So, after sitting in defeat for a few weeks….you scrounge up some grit and determination and a little bit more willpower and try again.
And you still don’t reach out for tools and support.

Whoops, you didn’t…

• Make it past 11 am without looking at Facebook.
• Start writing your best-selling novel
• Create the perfect meal plan for the entire month

Defeat sets in again,

and this time it brought along its friend–low self-confidence.

And the cycle continues.

You’re hesitant to set goals because you don’t have the confidence you’ll reach them….
You don’t have a system, a coach or the support you need and deserve).
The result? You become stagnant, immobilized, and defeated.

You’re in the dreaded, 5pm, traffic-jam, GRIDLOCK.

You want to move forward, but you can’t. 

I have a feeling you’re craving something more. 

The problem is: you don’t have the right tools and framework for goal setting that have been proven to take you from
Destination A to Destination SUCCESS!
So what’s the solution?

Stop relying on grit and willpower to reach your goals.

Hi, I'm Amy Goober...and my dream is for you to fire me as your life coach.

It’s a bold, heart-centered dream, but one that’s rooted in truth and respect for my clients.
I’m a seasoned, successful certified health coach, action coach, and life coach.
I have helped over 700 clients in 9 years achieve high-level goals and dreams.
And there is one thing I am passionate about when it comes to coaching my clients…

empowering them with the tools to take control of their own lives
 I’m passionate about teaching clients how to make an immediate, action-oriented change and forward progress.
It’s why I have distilled my years in the coaching business down to the most effective, streamlined, and proven methods for gaining traction and creating massive forward motion in your life.
It’s my unique 5-step program that equips you with a powerful, repeatable framework to make improvements in your life…so you can fire me as your coach, take over the wheel, and drive your life forward.


Stop relying on grit and willpower to reach your goals.


The Drive Your LifeProgram

A 12-week virtual small group coaching program where you’ll…

Learn my unique, highly streamlined, reliable 5-step system to achieve breakthrough momentum and massive progress in one hand-picked area of your life…

It’s a process that you can repeat on your own again and again when you are inspired to reach new goals.

What Do You Get?

12 Weeks of 1 hr Small Group Virtual Coaching

Everyone begins at the starting line together.
Here we will dive deep into learning my signature process for goal-setting and goal-getting, while we troubleshoot roadblocks along the way. Showing up and being seen by your fellow group members is nothing short  of transformative during these 12 weeks.

Step-By-Step D.R.I.V.E Framework, to use again and again.

Here’s where you’ll learn the powerful D.R.I.V.E framework for goal success that you will use to tackle one area of your life in these 12 weeks. Then, you can take this framework to move forward in any area of your life in the future and beyond. It’s the key to making measurable improvements anywhere down the road and I’m handing it over to you!

Guided Activities

We won’t be sitting around spending hours filling out journal prompts. This class is action-oriented and results-driven. Here you will be given short, streamlined exercises to support the one area of your life you want to improve. Think of it as a turbo-charged system to boost your engine as you drive your life forward.

This is the Fast and Furious way to supercharge your life.

Plus Get These Bonuses

30 Minute 1:1 coaching call with Amy: This is a mid-point check-in call where you’ll get more targeted troubleshooting with your individual goal. Amy will explore your challenges and fine-tune your processes for better results.
Accountability Success Partners: I will be pairing up members with each other to connect for an extra layer of support and accountability. (Many of my past clients have maintained strong relationships long after the course has ended.)
Drive Your Life Roadmap: Together we will create a customized Roadmap for you and the specific area of your life that you want to change or explore. You’ll use this roadmap as a tool during the program and as your guideline after it’s over.
An exclusive bonus tool my clients have used to create lasting inspiration well beyond the 12 week course (an antidote to willpower fatigue!)

Drive Your Life™
 – A 12-week virtual small-group coaching program to fuel your goals and move your life forward.

Grab Your Seat
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Science says 92% of people don’t achieve their goals….

Yet 100% of Drive Your Life clients have made significant progress forward in their goals.

Past Clients Have Succeeded In:

Finding New Jobs or Careers
Creating Healthy Eating Plans
Writing a Book or Article
Balancing Time Between
Work and Home
Developing Fitness Routines
Getting Back Into Dating
Having Fun Without Guilt
Building Structure and
Progress In Their businesses

Discovering Passion Projects
Cleaning Out Their Houses
Being Present With Family
Finding Purpose As an Empty Nester
I am so grateful Amy Goober and her Drive Your Life program entered my life at exactly the right moment.  The program and collaboration transformed me and my classmates quite dramatically.  I now feel empowered and celebratory, whereas when I started I was literally in tears.  Thank you, Amy.  I am in action!


I participated in the Drive Your Life program with Amy and found the lessons to be very constructive, supportive, engaging and fun.  Having that support and accountability truly makes a difference when you focus on tasks to accomplish in specific areas in your life.  Amy is truly interested in helping you, she is insightful and you know she is truly listening as she easily hones in on solutions to help you accomplish whatever your individual needs are and having the other members input was equally as helpful. I learned new methods of accomplishing things I may have otherwise never even undertaken.  I would highly recommend Drive your Life for anyone seeking to advance in any area of their life.


My experiences with Amy have helped me make positive and permanent changes in my life. I’ve had times when I felt overwhelmed to a point of feeling paralyzed.  Amy has stepped in, helped me figure out why I feel this way, then breaks this down into steps I can take to get me back on track and going in the right direction.  This has helped me tremendously because I can see positive change and results. I’ve discovered a confidence in myself that I never had, which is a gift.  My heart is full of gratitude to Amy for the amazing difference she has made in my life.


Want to become one of the elite 5% of the population who achieve their goals?

Because this goes beyond just setting goals and making improvements.
Achieving goals means soaring confidence…energized days… and that feeling of being in control….
Just like the feeling of driving in a convertible with the top down and the wind in your hair.

So imagine in 12 weeks time being one of the 100% of my clients who have made significant progress towards their goal and felt these amazing benefits.

What will it be for you? Weight loss? Time balance? Finding your purpose? Growing a business?

It’s time to hop in the driver’s seat of the pink convertible, crank up some 90’s tunes, and take a road trip to a new destination: Destination Success.

Buckle up baby, we’re driving to a new reality, starting

Next session starts: Wednesday 1/26/2022 – 4/12/2022

10:00 am EST OR 7:00 pm EST

Program Price: $647

Take advantage of The Early Bird Bonus of 2 Free 15 minute Action Sessions with ME when you – Sign Up!

I strongly feel that we as women often know what to do however the process with Amy provided step by step tools allowing us to be more comfortable with our goals. It gives you a clear path moving forward. I honestly feel well equipped moving my company forward moving ahead for the next month, 6 months and even a year.  I highly encourage anyone to participate. It doesn’t matter if you have a business, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what your current situation is, whether you are juggling kids, if you’re an empty nester. This works for anybody, any challenges you have in your life, if you’re looking for balance, which we all need to be able to function every day, this program is great. I can’t thank Amy enough or the group enough. I love being in this group of women and the flow of information is phenomenal! – MONA OCKENDEN

Joining Drive your Life was such and incredible experience for me.  I learned so many things about myself and what I could do to better in surrounding areas of my life.  Amy has a genuine way about her that makes you feel like everything is going to be ok!!!   She engages you every step of the way, so much so that you look forward to trying out what you are challenged to do.  I made connections with total strangers, who now I consider friends.  At first I made minor changes, that then became major changes that have benefited my life, not just now but for my future self.  This is a program to not miss out on!!!!  Amy thank you for asking me to take a chance!!! – LAURIE PEDONE

What You're Getting With This Program:

• 12 x  Live Small-Group Virtual Coaching Classes with Amy Goober ($600 value)
• The proven and reliable D.R.I.V.E framework for making measurable improvements in your life in any desired area (health, life, business, family) ($500 value)
• Turbo-Charged Exercises ($150 value)
• Lifetime access to all recordings ($400 value)
• Private Facebook Group for collaboration, connection, and accountability. ($200 value)

That’s ($1850) in powerful tools and training!

For only $647!

Plus These Bonuses:

+ One 30 Minute personal 1:1 call with Amy to supercharge results
+ Accountability Success Partners to take your goal getting to the next level
+ Drive Your Life Roadmap with a customized path for strategic goal-getting
+ An exclusive bonus tool for lasting inspiration and motivation

The Value of This Program is over ($1,850) for only $647!

But I’m not charging that amount. 

Because if I’m being honest, I know most of my clients feel a lot more comfortable spending money on others…than on themselves. 

Does that sound like you?

You’ll get this program and access to my proprietary D.R.I.V.E framework for driving human behavior and improvement for just $647.00

. That’s less than the cost of a few days at the spa….

Did you know, according to a recent survey, 46 percent of parents spend more than $1,000 annually on their kids’ activities…and 27 percent spend more than $2,000! It’s what mothers do….pour and give. 

But don’t worry, I’m not charging $3,000 or even $1,000.

But that goal-goal-getting feeling lasts a lifetime.

Take advantage of The Early Bird Bonus of 2 Free 15 minute Action Sessions with ME when you – Sign Up!

Life Coach

Not sure if this program is the right fit for you?

Set up a quick call with Amy to ask questions and find answers!

Learn a proven, repeatable, reliable, proprietary 5 step process to achieve breakthrough progress in any area of your life, without relying on  extreme coaching costs or expensive monthly memberships.


How Can Drive Your Life Help Me?

If you’re spending most of your time serving and supporting everyone else in your life (as most women are), Drive Your Life will help you put some focus on yourself. It’s so important to realize all the wonderful traits and skills that you carry around with you every day. Now is the time to discover what one part of your life you want to improve or explore! With the guidance of a seasoned coach, a proven step-by-step system, and the support of a small group of women, you can accomplish just about anything!

What Results Have You Seen From This Program?

Women are finding new careers, learning how to balance work and family time, kick-starting or ramping up their businesses, creating health and fitness routines, discovering passion projects, finding out what’s next as an empty nester, decluttering their homes, being present with their families and so much more.

What If I don’t Know Which Part of My Life I Want To Work On First?

That’s fine because part of the process is to uncover which aspect of your life you want to improve during the program. For most women, much of their lives is going great, but there are usually one or two areas that they just know could be better. That’s what Drive Your Life is all about!

What If I’m Too Busy To Do The Program?

If you’re too busy to spend one hour a week on you, then you DO need this program! There are 168 hours in every week, and every single one of us deserves to be able to spend at least one of them on ourselves.

What If I Don’t Know Anyone In The Group?

Some of the most compelling results come from learning and growing with women you have never met before. When you create connections with new people, you are able to just be yourself at that moment in time with no preconceptions or judgements. We have had friends and sisters sign up together, and that works as well.

What Is An Action Coach?

As an Action Coach I help women assess where they are now, determine what they most want for themselves and create the steps to help them move forward. Quite often the women I work with have goals they have wanted to tackle for months or years that they just couldn’t get going on or stick with consistently. My approach is to come up with a comfortable yet challenging plan to help women get in gear and into action.

Do You Do 1:1 Coaching?

Yes, I offer individual coaching programs for both personal and business goals. The group setting is very valuable for helping clients get going and accomplish what they want most. Individual coaching can achieve greater focus and accelerate this process.

Is There Any Work To Do Outside of The Session?

Most of what we accomplish happens during our one hour sessions. The lesson we cover each week is supported with a short worksheet to be completed before the next lesson. Filling out the sheet only takes a few minutes, but you will find that as you learn the process you’ll be thinking about it during the week and incorporating it into your mindset. Because we are getting into action, there are no readings for videos to watch between sessions. My goal is to ensure that you discover what you want and are able to achieve it.