How Can Drive Your Life Help Me?

If you’re spending most of your time serving and supporting everyone else in your life (as most women are), Drive Your Life will help you put some focus on yourself. It’s so important to realize all the wonderful traits and skills that you carry around with you every day. Now is the time to discover what one part of your life you want to improve or explore! With the guidance of a seasoned coach, a proven step-by-step system, and the support of a small group of women, you can accomplish just about anything!

What Results Have You Seen From This Program?

Women are finding new careers, learning how to balance work and family time, kick-starting or ramping up their businesses, creating health and fitness routines, discovering passion projects, finding out what’s next as an empty nester, decluttering their homes, being present with their families and so much more.

What If I don’t Know Which Part of My Life I Want To Work On First?

That’s fine because part of the process is to uncover which aspect of your life you want to improve during the program. For most women, much of their lives is going great, but there are usually one or two areas that they just know could be better. That’s what Drive Your Life is all about!

What If I’m Too Busy To Do The Program?

If you’re too busy to spend one hour a week on you, then you DO need this program! There are 168 hours in every week, and every single one of us deserves to be able to spend at least one of them on ourselves.

What If I Don’t Know Anyone In The Group?

Some of the most compelling results come from learning and growing with women you have never met before. When you create connections with new people, you are able to just be yourself at that moment in time with no preconceptions or judgements. We have had friends and sisters sign up together, and that works as well.

What Is An Action Coach?

As an Action Coach I help women assess where they are now, determine what they most want for themselves and create the steps to help them move forward. Quite often the women I work with have goals they have wanted to tackle for months or years that they just couldn’t get going on or stick with consistently. My approach is to come up with a comfortable yet challenging plan to help women get in gear and into action.

Do You Do 1:1 Coaching?

Yes, I offer individual coaching programs for both personal and business goals. The group setting is very valuable for helping clients get going and accomplish what they want most. Individual coaching can achieve greater focus and accelerate this process.

Is There Any Work To Do Outside of The Session?

Most of what we accomplish happens during our one-hour sessions. The lesson we cover each week is supported with a short worksheet to be completed before the next lesson. Filling out the sheet only takes a few minutes, but you will find that as you learn the process you’ll be thinking about it during the week and incorporating it into your mindset. Because we are getting into action, there are no readings or videos to watch between sessions. My goal is to ensure that you discover what you want and are able to achieve it.